As A Woman, Is A Personal Stylist Really Necessary?

You’re a woman, so do you really need a Personal Stylist?


Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist
Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist


Surely you know all about fashion and style. Don’t you?

Many of us expect all men to understand how to tune a car or assemble a garden shed single-handedly.
And many people believe that as a woman, you don’t need a Personal Stylist.

I’ve often wondered why men and women are expected to have an innate understanding of certain subjects.

Women are typically expected to understand female-oriented ones, from the the art of applying make-up to understanding fashion and style. And of course about knowing what clothes to wear. And what not to wear.

Yes, we probably learnt the basics of make-up from watching our older sister or mother putting ‘their face’ on. Nevertheless, most of us have learnt the art of applying it through experimentation. And many of us still don’t fully understand the subtle nuances of each product, or where and how to expertly apply it.

And it’s the same with dressing and style. We copy, we experiment and we have a go with plenty of mistakes and bad habits along the way. Which we keep to our own chagrin.

In other words, we learn as we go along: Learning By Doing.

In reality, learning is more a question of Need-to-Know versus Want-to-Know.

Just as we may need to know how to change a light bulb, drive a car or fix a punctured tyre.
These are experiences we may not want to learn but need to learn, if we have to sort things out ourselves.
Or we know someone who can.

Yes, you might enjoy following fashion and you might want to keep an eye on the latest trends.
However being bang up-to-date might not be necessary.  

And some women never need to know the details of fashion and style. Ever.
Other interests are more important. Always.
Or it could be that they have learnt to leave it to their Personal Stylist.

So when I have clients that apologise for their lack of knowledge of current fashion and style trends, there’s nothing to apologise for.

Similarly when clients tell me they should know about clothes, because they are a woman, I tell them there is no ‘should’ in knowing about style and personal appearance.

Surely it’s me who needs to apologise for not understanding their world:
how the banking system works, how to run for local elections, or how to be a successful lawyer?

So when does a woman need a Personal Stylist?

When there is: 

  • a need to look polished and express who you are through a strong Personal Brand.
  • a desire to visually communicate influence, authority, executive presence and gravitas.
  • a requirement to have a fully functioning flexible wardrobe to take on your busy schedule.
  • a want to look the best you can. Whatever your age.
  • a want to have your own personal style, perhaps a Signature look.

The benefits of using a Personal Stylist.

The key benefits are:

  • A personalised service with discreet advice and tailored style recommendations.
  • You will exude confidence from knowing you look successful and pulled together.
  • Your look will express personal power: what you want your image to say about You.
  • There is harmony between who you are on the inside with who you present on the outside.
  • You will save time, money and energy. No more fruitless shopping trips. No more mistakes.

As Mark Twain famously said:
“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”


My name is Caroline Wolf and I’m a Personal Stylist.
That’s what I do every day. It’s my forte. It’s what I excel in.

If you have a need or you want to up-date your image, build executive presence in the workplace or address Confidence issues, please feel free to get in touch. I’d love to help.

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What My Clients Think

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“You’ve really understood who I am
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