Are You Feeling Business Confident?

Strong, powerful and influential.  Resilient and composed. Are you feeling Business Confident?

The fact is, life wouldn’t be normal if every day of the working week, you leapt out of bed feeling
fearless, in command and business-ready. Real life proves there are days in-between when you’d
rather be anywhere than in the boardroom or having to give a particularly contentious presentation.

Certainly how you dress – your external presentation – is a key factor in non-verbal communication.
Executive style with an up-to-date polished appearance allows you to present yourself with impact.
You want to look Business Confident.

Executive style allows you to present yourself with impact.

Think of putting on your business wear as putting on your Confidence, your new radiance.
I lean away from wearing armour as it implies your work life is a constant battle. Putting on
Confidence creates a positive mind-set, an optimistic outlook and maybe a touch of bullishness.

According to a recent study on The cognitive consequences of formal clothing by Columbia University
and California State University, researchers concluded that wearing formal clothing makes people
feel powerful, which in turn changes the way they think.  So wearing a Power suit – is empowering.

Business smart dressing in bold colours also reflects assertiveness. Navy is authoritative without
being dominating or harsh. Add a vibrant cobalt or red to add a dynamic twist and to stand out from
from the crowd. Make a statement – use your feminine advantage.  And the more you get used to
wearing Power dresses, the more it will become second nature to you. Try it.

If you can be intentional about your choice of business outfit, so you can be intentional about your
behaviour. As you choose your clothes every morning so you can choose your mind-set.
And as you start to feel more powerful, so you become more engaging – more compelling, even
captivating – in a way that people want to listen to what you have to say.

Self-preparation is integral to feeling Business Confident and especially, when it comes to facing
a difficult task or day ahead.

Talk to the wall’ is my phrase for running through your presentation – out loud – to the wall
(of your office or where you are). That way you ‘hear’ where you stumble and if you continue
to stumble on a particular word, change the word. You want to sound as fluent as possible.
Whilst you put 
so much effort into the words you want to say, it’s easy to overlook how it comes over.
Just as it’s easy to overlook your personal presentation – your business style.
Dress rehearsal is a good reminder!

Another trick that works is doing a Victory dance or practicing a few High-power poses
(in the ladies toilets of course). It’s not 
as silly as it sounds. And Yes you’ll feel a little silly doing them
at first but….it works
As Amy Cuddy said: “Don’t fake it til you make it. Fake it til you become it”. 

A blend of executive style and business confidence means you won’t have to fake it anymore either.
You can be your authentic self. Confidence is the new radiance.

For help with your executive style or to strengthen your confidence, book a 60-minute consultation
with Caroline Wolf, Executive stylist and coach.

What My Clients Think

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