8-Piece Business Capsule Wardrobe

Business Capsule Wardrobe, Summer 2020, Capsule Wardrobe Collection

8-Piece, 14 Outfits
Business Capsule Wardrobe 

This 8-piece business capsule wardrobe gives you at least 14 outfits, making it perfect for a week long work trip. Perhaps 2 weeks.

We’ve added a pair of shoes, earrings and tote which will take you through from day to dusk.

You only need minimal accessories as the fabric and detailing of the jackets and tops are sufficient to ensure a chic ensemble.

For a business casual capsule wardrobe, you want to keep it effortlessly modern without fuss.

Business accessories


You could expand this curated business capsule wardrobe for extra choice and comfort.
If you still prefer to travel light, I’d recommend an extra pair of shoes, shoulder bag and a couple of sleeved blouses.

CWC style tip: Stay on the business side of casual.

Your Image Always Has The First Word

Your personal appearance always has the first word in any communication.
And the last, if the truth be known.

How you look says a lot about Brand You and your business, whether it’s yours or the one you represent.

And visual communication shouts loudest of all.

What message are you wanting to project to colleagues and business contacts?
What message is being received by others?
Are you consistent in your personal presentation or is there confusion?

CWC style tip: Aim for synergy in your personal brand and business image.

How To Wear This Business Capsule Wardrobe

In a nutshell, everything goes with everything.

8 pieces in a business capsule wardrobe make 14 outfits


Combine! Mix & Match!

Wear the dress as a dress with one of the jackets and wear it as a skirt with closed jackets.

Wear the trousers with or without the jackets, dependent on the temperature and office environment.
Both tops go with both the jackets.

Check out the examples below.


Business outfits


Enjoy Your Own Business Capsule Wardrobe

If you’d like a personalised capsule wardrobe with pieces chosen from selected boutiques and online retailers, set up a complimentary 30 minute chat on your requirements. Get in touch here

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