5 Tips On How To Add Flowers To Your Business Capsule Wardrobe

5 Tips To Adding A Floral Note Into Your Business Capsule Wardrobe.


The main trick to wearing florals at work?
It’s about getting the balance right.


Blue floral dress for a business capsule wardrobe
Business style accessories ensure the floral dress looks business-like.


When it comes to Summer and particularly when the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is in full swing, floral prints abound.

It’s oh-so tempting to jump onto the floral fashion trend without pausing for thought.
Yet a little hesitation can be a positive action.
Especially with all the symbolism and connotations associated with flowers.

Flowers are nature’s way to communicate.
Fashion is our way to communicate – it’s the strongest visual personal brand statement you can make.
And floral prints can make or break your look, especially in a business capsule wardrobe.

CWC style tip: choose a floral print to match your Personal Brand. 

You can have too much of a good thing – and that includes flowers!
Less is more.
There are times when a powerful yet subtle floral print can soften a strong business look without damaging your professional image.


5 Tips On How To Choose Floral Prints For Work.


  1.  Floral prints in a business capsule wardrobe can look elegantly smart as long as the style of dress and floral print match your position, your age, your figure and your attitude.
    There needs to be harmony between who you are on the inside and how you are perceived by others.
  2. Floral prints can soften or add contrast to a solid block of colour, particularly worn with a business trouser suit.
    Keep an eye on the colours of the floral print – you want to avoid shouty colours and an overly busy pattern.
  3. Check the balance of the floral print with your own physique.
    From delicate ditsy blossoms to bold graphic outlines to oversized cabbage rose blooms, a floral print (and any pattern for that matter) looks better if it aligns with your own frame. The general rule is smaller flowers for a petite person and a larger pattern for a grander scale.
  4. One floral print is enough. Wear one piece to make your fashion statement. And choose it in the best fabric possible: preferably a pure fabric such as silk or cotton. Avoid head-to-toe statement looks.
  5. Accessories work too. If you want to have a nod to a fashion trend but don’t want to wear a key item in a floral print, wear it in an accessory such as a silk scarf, jewellery or handbag, even a shoe.

CWC style tip: when it comes to florals, check the balance between your look and your Personal Brand.


Executive Style Capsule Wardrobe With Floral Prints. 


Business capsule wardrobe with floral prints
Business capsule wardrobe with floral prints


Business Chic.


Business skirt suit with floral prints for a business capsule wardrobe
Burnt rose coloured business style skirt suit with floral prints.



Business Smart.


Business capsule wardrobe: trouser suit with floral prints
Navy trouser suit softened with feminine floral prints.



Yes, Business Women Can Wear Flowers Too.


Business capsule wardrobe with blue floral dress
Blue mix floral business dress kept smart with executive style accessories.


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