5 Tips On Choosing The Right Winter Coat

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Use My 5 Tips To Choose The Right Coat

Follow my 5 tips when choosing a perfect Winter coat for you. A Winter coat is typically an investment purchase and by using my tips, you’ll avoid an expensive mistake.

Whether you’re travelling on business or simply walking around the city, you’ll want to make an elegant and timeless statement.

And there’s no better way than by wearing a beautifully cut classic coat in a cashmere or wool blend to give you that chic groomed look. An elegant coat oozes executive style as well as a quiet confidence.

Bulky yet light puffers, parkas and waxed jackets might be fine for weekend casual and walks in the country or by the seaside but they can look messy and out of place in the city.

For the purposes of this blog, we’ve curated the CWC City Coat Edit into which we’ve grouped coats by colour with a choice of style and price.

Below you’ll find my 5 tips on how to choose the right one, which reflects who you are and what you do.

It seems obvious but we can all get carried away by the look and feel of a beautiful coat, when it doesn’t answer our practical requirements or meet our lifestyle!


My 5 Tips On Choosing The Right Coat For You


1. Choose a coat colour that is complementary to your complexion

Colour is the most powerful form of visual communication in the clothes that you wear.
Too strong or bright a colour, and the coat will wear you.
Put simply, we’ll see the coat first and then you.
Too pale a hue, and the colour will drain from your face. In other words, you’ll look tired.
Colour has a potency when it comes to visual communication and the right shade will make all the difference.

The Beiges

A  camel coat is probably the chicest of them all. It’s a colour that takes you from Autumn to Spring.
You need to choose a cool or a warm beige, according to your skin tone.
The correct one is key to looking fresh and energised.

My 5 tips on choosing the right coat

Belted wool & cashmere coat, Max Mara
Double-breasted wool blend coat, Joseph
Wool wrap coat, Jaeger

2. Find a coat shape that applauds your body shape & frame

There’s no point fighting against your figure.
For example, if you’re curvy, look for a fit and flare or A-line silhouette: avoid a straight cut coat.
Try on coats and see how they look from the front, the side and the back.

Winter Whites

My 5 tips on choosing the right coat

Double-breasted tie-belt wool and cashmere blend coat, Max Mara
Wool blend cocoon coat, Isabel Marant
Reversible shearling coat, Reiss


3. Aim for a neutral coat colour that works well with your wardrobe

It’s all very well having a scarlet coat but does it fit with the rest of your clothes or seasonal capsule wardrobe?
Would it really look good apart from the festive season and special occasions?
Would you get bored of it more quickly than a long-standing neutral, less look-at-me colour?
A neutral red will last longer. I you tend to wear a lot of grey, consider black or navy blue.

Wine Reds

My 5 tips on choosing the right coat

Wine faux fur collar wrap coat, Jaeger
Dark red faux fur wrap coat, Jaeger
Long-buttoned straight wool coat, Massimo Dutti


4. Decide on a coat length that benefits your lifestyle

If your lifestyle typically includes frequent commuting or business travelling, you want to shrug into your coat quickly and easily.
You’ll find a shorter coat is more practical in cars, on trains and on planes than fighting with the seemingly excess fabric of a long coat in a small space.

Navy Winter Coats

My 5 tips on choosing the right coat

Navy double breasted wool and cashmere coat, S Max Mara
Double face cashmere coat, Joseph
Alpaca blend wrap coat, Hobbs


5. Take into account your lifestyle and how cold you feel 

Review your lifestyle. What’s a typical week for you? What’s a typical month?
That is when the country isn’t dealing with a virus such as Covid 19.

It’s cold enough in the UK for you to be wearing a Winter coat for at least 3-4 months.
That’s a lot of wear. So choosing and investing in your day coat for work takes priority.
This is where fabric comes into its own. You want to be warm enough without over-heating.
And you want to be sure you’ll stay warm on the inside when the temperature is dropping outside.  

Tweeds, twill weaves and wool mixes

My 5 tips on choosing the right coat

Textured wool coat, Massimo Dutti
Double-breasted herringbone wool tweed coat, Bella Freud
Wool blend check coat, Reiss


Why Invest In A Good Quality Classic Coat?

Invest in a good quality classic Winter coat, you’ll find it takes you everywhere with style:
from work to the weekend, from dawn to dusk.
Further more the cost-per-wear reduces each time you wear your coat.

CWC style tip: don’t be tempted into jamming your keys into your pockets.
It’s the surest way to rip the lining and ruin the line of the pocket. Chic to shabby in a few weeks!


Need Help?

If you’re looking to invest in a coat and aren’t sure which coat is right for you, get in touch here


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