3 Reasons Why A Flexi-dress Is Useful To Have In Your Wardrobe

A Flexi-dress is a useful item in your wardrobe

A Flexi-dress Is Useful In More Ways Than One.

A Flexi-dress is not a one-trick pony.

This is a dress that will flex and adapt according to your busy schedule, taking you from Dawn to Dusk in one outfit.

A Flexi-dress is not a Statement dress, which is more of a grand announcement.
It will though signal Executive style.
It will fit into formal business wear as easily as it will fit into out-of-the-office networking sessions.

Instead it’s a dress that’s ‘on the button’ for many a business situation when you want to look both faultless – and fearless.

A Flexi-dress will take you from a Breakfast meeting to a Board dinner with ease.

Equally it will take you from a Charity coffee morning to an After-work Cocktails party.

It will even take you from Work to the Weekend.

In other words a Flexi-dress is more than useful.

It’s a Round-the-Clock dress!

It can be in a single colour or in a pattern or print.

A midi-length is probably the best length as it’s always acceptable wherever you are.

If it’s sleeveless, have a jacket for daytime wear.


CWC style tip: keep your Flexi-dresses up-to-date and wear them.

Although a Flexi-dress isn’t the height of fashion, it needs to be fashionable.

So you’ll need to exchange Summer colours and styles appropriately for Autumn ones.
Think midnight navy instead of frost blue. Cranberry instead of geranium pink.

A Flexi-dress is meant to be worn and to be on show.
It’s not something to be kept hidden in your wardrobe ‘for best’.

The best time of your life is now and it’s the ideal time to wear a dress that fits into your life easily.

Put it on and focus on your day.


A Flexi dress is a useful item to have in your wardrobe


3 Reasons Why A Flexi-dress Is A Useful Item

There are multiple reasons for ensuring you have at least one Flexi-dress in your business wardrobe.

Let’s look at 3 of them:

  1. With a Flexi-dress, you’ve got the perfect piece ready in your wardrobe for those times you receive an unexpected invitation at short notice.
    Whether it’s a day-time or evening event.
  2. There are times in your life, when a simple day dress just won’t do.
    You want a dress that signals respect to yourself and to others.
    What’s more you want a dress in which you’ll feel cool, calm and confident 24/7.
  3. A Flexi-dress in a midi length is probably the best choice.
    A midi always looks more elegant and sleek when compared to higher hems, suiting and separates.

How To Wear A Flexi-Dress

Below you’ll find some of this season’s best Flexi-dresses.

We’ve chosen both plain colours as well as some of this Summer’s floral prints.

You’ll see how we’ve added day to evening accessories.
You don’t always have to change shoes although sometimes they turn an outfit from day to night – just by adding a sparkling strap.


Why a flexi dress is a useful item to have in your wardrobe


Key pieces

Pale blue dress, Goat
Yellow & blue floral print dress, Les Rêveries
Yellow & green floral print dress, LK Bennett
Emerald green dress, Dolce Gabbana
Red hibiscus dress, Goat
Red crepe dress, Victoria Beckham
Black jacket, Stella McCartney


If you’d like to invest in a couple of Flexi-dresses for your wardrobe, please send an email here.

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