Your Capsule Wardrobe For An Easter Break In The City

A Capsule Wardrobe Of Seven Outfits For A Long Weekend 


7-piece capsule wardrobe for a 4-day long weekend
7-Piece Capsule Wardrobe Plus Accessories


When it comes to a long weekend City break, there’s no need to pack your entire wardrobe.


Whether you’re travelling by car, rail or plane, you want to look sleek and neat with smart carry-on luggage.

This capsule wardrobe gives you 7 outfits to wear over your 4-day weekend break taking you from morning to evening with ease.


3 outfits with navy trousers from a 7-piece capsule wardrobe


A smart pair of navy trousers will take you anywhere!

Wear a pair of smart casual navy trousers with a silk cotton knit and Spring coat by day.
If it’s warm enough without a coat, add some zesty yellow and follow the sunshine!

By night, wear your navy trousers with a fluted abstract silk blouse.  



ivory trousers in a 7-piece capsule wardrobe over a 4-day weekend


The ivory jeans give a casual edge to your look.




Floral dress in a 7-piece Spring capsule wardrobe

Add a floral dress and wear day or night, smart or casual.



Away For A Week?
This Capsule Wardrobe Is Easily Extendable.


3-piece extension for a Spring capsule wardrobe
3 more pieces plus shoes to extend the 7-outfit capsules int 13 outfits


By adding 3 pieces and a pair of shoes, we can create another 6 outfits.


6 additional outfits to add to your Spring capsule wardrobe


2 daytime outfits with the navy trousers and 2 with the jeans.
And 2 day to evening dresses.

All pulled together with the yellow & stone Spring coat.


Your 10-piece capsule wardrobe plus accessories.


 10-piece capsule wardrobe plus accessories for a long weekend


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