The New Season: Neutral Business Capsule Wardrobe

After all the excitement and drama of festive colours and styles last month, it’s refreshing to return to normality.
And to re-present our authentic selves. With the new season’s colour palette, it’s exactly the right time to showcase
a neutral business capsule wardrobe.

With its soft tailoring and subtle colours, these looks are sophisticated and quietly elegant. The core colours of stone and taupe,
are complemented with splashes of mellow rose brown and soft cornflower blue, paving the way for Spring 2016.



Most women love a neutral colour palette and understand it’s versatility in a business capsule wardrobe.
The trick with neutral colours is understanding which ones will drain you leaving you look washed out or sallow and
which will lift and flatter your skin tone.

The beauty of this 14-piece capsule wardrobe is its adaptability taking you from Business Smart to Business Casual.
And from Dress Down Friday to Weekend Chic. You’ve outfits for at least a fortnight without wearing the same outfit twice.

By adding a couple more pieces such as another pair of shoes or a leather biker jacket, you can bring in an edgier look for
outdoor Weekend activities.



If one of your new year resolutions is to finally clear your wardrobes or to dress more Yummy Mummy than Slummy Mummy
then look no further than Capsule Wardrobe Collection.

Not only do we choose outfits that match your goals and your lifestyle, we also show you how to put outfits together from the
key pieces to the shoes and accessories.



Colour analysis, shape recommendations and style advice are all part of the service offered at Capsule Wardrobe Collection.

It’s the synergy between the inner and outer you that leads to self-assurance. It’s more than feeling comfortable in your skin.
It’s about dressing for who you are and your lifestyle. The phrase ‘Perception is reality ‘is not a phrase to be taken lightly.

CWC style tip: It’s easy to dress a body shape. It takes insight and skill and to dress a personality.

For a one-to-one consultation with Caroline Wolf, founder of Capsule Wardrobe Collection, a personal stylist and executive coach,
telephone +44 203 637 2433 or drop me an email.




What My Clients Think

“Caroline has the experience and confidence to help me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible”
KT, Director, London
“My experience with Caroline has been nothing short of miraculous
LN, Global Head, London
“Caroline’s skill is in interpreting what I was looking for”
AS, Director, Sydney
“You’ve really understood who I am
EJ, Lawyer, London
“I don’t know how you do it but you are consistently 100% right
AM, Partner, New York
“She is a talented person, who puts you at ease, and really knows her stuff”
FW, Business Owner, Reading
“Caroline is the secret weapon behind my wonderful revamped wardrobe”
AS, Entrepreneur, Sydney
“I always feel re-energised after speaking with you”
MT, Professional Coach, Dundee
“You’ve done it again! Genius, I love it”