Stuck At Home? Shop In Your Own Wardrobe

Lamb in a field looking out to point out the need to look inwards - to shop inside your own wardrobe

Beat Being Stuck At Home:
Shop In Your Own Wardrobe


If like most of us, you’ve been told to stay home, you’re probably wasting time looking outwards and thinking about what else you could be doing. Right? Well it could be your lucky day because I’m going to ask you to look inwards – inside your own wardrobe – to shop in your own wardrobe.

It sounds mad doesn’t it?
The reality is that most of us have far too much in our cupboards and closets.
Dare I say that most of us only wear 20% regularly of what we have in them.

So the idea of having a shop inside your own wardrobe isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds.


How To Shop In Your Own Wardrobe

Editing your wardrobe is the forerunner to shopping in your own wardrobe.

Before you can shop in your own wardrobe, you need to do a Wardrobe Edit.
And after that you can go shopping! In your own wardrobe.

But first, you need to have an overview of what you have.
And what you’re going to keep.
Even, what you’re going to do with the clothes you don’t know what to do about.
I have a plan! It’s a system, tried and tested over years and with many clients.

Keeping things simple, once you’ve got an overview of your clothes you’re going to keep, we can start putting outfits together.

You will discover a new way of looking at clothes, no longer seeing them as single pieces that only go with one other item, but pieces that will in fact work with several other items.

You may enjoy discovering which items can turn an ordinary outfit into something special.
Or you may find pieces that will morph easily from work to the weekend.

You may enjoy the process much more than you thought you would.

Perhaps you’ll realise that you have a whole new capsule wardrobe hiding in your own closets!


The CWC Wardrobe Edit Service  

For more information about our Wardrobe Edit service, click here.


FREE 30-minute Video Call With Caroline 

For the month of April 2020 when so many people are stuck at home, I’m offering a FREE video call for women who want to sort out their clothes. And who would love to have an easier functioning wardrobe so that it takes no longer than 5 minutes to get dressed of a morning.

Book in to discover how to conduct a Wardrobe Edit in your own wardrobe.

I’ll give you tips on how to pull your looks together so that they ‘tell a story’.

Which allows you to impart the message you’d like others to receive, about you.
About your Personal brand.

Simply make a booking with your preferred date/time (GMT).

I look forward to our video session on how to edit your chest of drawers and closet.

And then you can enjoy a shop in your own wardrobe.

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