Spring edit: capsule wardrobe swimwear


capsule wardrobe swimwear


Put your hand on your heart and tell me you like buying swimwear.

I don’t know anyone who truly likes buying swimwear but there are some seriously
gorgeous pieces out there.

It’s easy to overlook up-dating our swimwear because it’s not usually ranked as one of our
all-time great shopping experiences.  It could be but too many women let their self-esteem
get in the way of a great purchase.

Yet swimsuits are not ‘forever’ pieces. They do not come under the label of Investment dressing.
Yes we may spend more on them for special holidays but swimwear is typically worked hard:
salt water, sand, chlorine and sun all do their damage.

So as technology improves and swimwear is easily available for every shape and size,
it’s probably time to up-date your swimwear drawer. And especially before your Summer holidays.
You want swimwear that holds and supports you, even when it’s wet. No more soggy bottoms!

Our capsule wardrobe swimwear Spring edit highlights some of the fabulous pieces that are currently available.
And here are 3 very good reasons to invest in a new costume or two:

1. There’s a lot of secret help out there.

There’s no need to go skulking around to specialist shops; nearly all good brands offer help
in the form of hidden padding or secret shaping. 

2. You don’t have to go shopping: buy it online.

No more harsh lights in a small over-heated changing room. With online purchasing,
you can try it on in the comfort of your own home (just check swimwear purchased online
can be returned).

3. No-one is perfect. We’re all wonderful.

Of course no-one likes those first days on the beach looking pale and uninteresting.
Focus on how you’ll look and feel after Day 3. You’ll be looking a little bronzed,
you’ll be feeling more relaxed and you’ll have made some friends. And you’ll hopefully
stop comparing yourself to others.

We all compare ourselves to nubile lovelies – we were one of them once – but it’s just not worth
lowering your self-esteem. It’s human nature to compare ourselves but let’s stay realistic.
Not everyone can look like they did in their 20’s. Some can of course but for the majority,
the scars of life and child-bearing will leave their mark. And you know what? So what.
Wear your body with pride. It’s got you this far.

Who you are as a person inside is far more important. As they say, beauty is skin-deep.
It’s also fleeting. So if you are still young and gorgeous, enjoy it. And if you are older, then
look back and smile. Now look at today, and smile. And face tomorrow, with a smile.

What shape is best for your figure?

Like any item of clothing, it’s not only about your shape but how you dress it.
Below we’ll show you individual pieces and then how to dress them.

The bikini figure

pink bandeau bikini for your capsule wardrobe

If you are lucky enough to wear a bikini,  choose one in a colour you like
and a shape you like. You can often buy tops and bottoms in different sizes today.

This one is in a gorgeous Summer pink.
Simply add a chemise style top for the beach.
For going out (day or evening) swop to a bandeau maxi dress and add easy flats.


bikini capsule wardrobe swimwear



For hiding tummies

swimwear to hide tummies in your capsule wardrobe


One piece swimsuits with ruching or tankinis will skim flatteringly over
the tummy area.

Choose a colour to flatter your own skin and at a price to suit your budget.



swimwear to hide tummies in your capsule wardrobe


swimwear and beach dress to hide tummies in your capsule wardrobe


For slimming thighs

MS skirt swimsuit

You’ll find a short skirt on a swimsuit works its magic, instantly slimming thighs.
These swimsuits are a hot trend that’s here to stay.

With its little skirt, you won’t feel the need to put a sarong over the top whilst
you’re on the beach or by the pool.

For pear shapes, you can buy bikini bottoms with skirts too. They are not only
flattering but they are feminine too.


Swimwear to hide your thighs

Whether you’re heading to the beach, the city or the countryside, take a stunning holiday capsule wardrobe with you.
If you would like to have a chat about your holiday wardrobe, get in touch.

Outfits shown:

Pink capsule wardrobe
Pink bikini from Heidi Klein
Pink kaftan from Heidi Klein
Pink bandeau maxi from Heidi Klein
Sandals from KG
Striped beach bag from Phase Eight

Blue spot capsule wardrobe
Blue spot swimsuit from Boden
Halterneck dress from Boden
Blue sandals from Linea
Beach bag from Cath Kidston

Blue patterned capsule wardrobe
Tankini top from Boden
Tankini short from Boden
Orange spot sundress from Boden
Sandals from Jigsaw
Beach bag from Cath Kidston

Black spot skirted swimsuit capsule wardrobe
Black spot skirted swimsuit from M&S
Lace kaftan from M&S
Sun visor from Sea Folly
Harlequin beach bag from Baku
White sandals from Jigsaw




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