September Means Autumn Is Closing In. Are You Ready?


Autumn colour and style

September Is The Start Of Autumn Colour & Style.
Ready To Present A Fashionable New Look?

September and Autumn are all about colour and style.
Yes it may still be sunny and even still feel like Summer but let me be a spoilsport or if you prefer, the messenger of good tidings: …..Autumn….. Is….. Closing….. In!

September is always your second chance to present a New You for 2019!
Let go of your Summer self to re-emerge fresh and ready for the new season.

Just their evocative names fill me with my happy feeling and cosy Autumnal evenings:
Hazel, Forest, Butterscotch, Toffee, Merlot, Cranberry, Antique moss….

Key Autumn Colour & Style Colours

Autumn colours
Pantone Fashion Colour Trends For Autumn/Winter 2019


CWC Edited Autumn Colours

I’ve compiled a shorter list of colours I believe will be the more popular shades.
There will be nuances of shade but
you’ll still find a bright chilli red as well as a soft peachy pink.

To make things easier, I’ve shown some of Autumn’s new fashion styles picking up on these colours.

Autumn colour and style

Key Autumn Styles & Trends

We’ve an eclectic palette this Autumn.
And that’s what makes finding the right style for You even harder.

On the one hand we’re seeing styles for those who prefer a minimalist, chic and understated approach. Quiet sophistication but avoiding anything too bourgeois.

On the other hand, we’ve a return to suiting and a glamourised tailored appearance. Choose between short sharply nipped-in blazers or smooth double-breasted longline jackets worn with sleek pencils, flouncy midi’s or high-waisted wide leg pants.

In between, we can see splashes of loud colour worn with a take-a-look-at-me attitude, with accessories having the final word.

There is nonetheless a stronger more serious trend running through Autumn with a distancing from sporty athleisure to an altogether quieter more elegant feel.

Spoiler Alert: Expect high-octane for Cocktail and Christmas!


Autumn Fabrics, Patterns & Prints

Come in gorgeous fabrics.
Welcome beautiful chunky knits which look amazing teamed with anything leather!

As with this season’s colours and styles, there’s also quite a choice for Autumn fabrics.
As ever, we still have Winter florals but I’d like to focus on a couple of the newer trends.

With Sustainability at the forefront of our minds (a professional Wardrobe Edit takes you shopping in your own wardrobe first), if you can pull-off high-end Vintage, you’ll be on point.

When it comes to Heritage and you have permission to look inside your mother or grandmother’s wardrobes, you carry off first prize.
I’d call that Sustainability at its very best!

Otherwise, go with the flow and look out for desirable must-have heritage references from the plainer gabardines and twills to the richer wools, patterns and prints.

In particular, look out for Herringbone,Tweed, Prince of Wales checks and Dogstooth patterns (so named because the pattern looks like the bite mark left by a dog’s teeth.)

CWC style tip: overloading on checks can make for an austere or masculine look.
Mix it up with solids and feminine touches to break a potentially blocky look.


Autumn style

Autumn Animal Prints, Yes!

Yes, they’re still here – I think they’re here to stay – and they’re evolving.
It’s animal prints that are playing a definite supporting role.
And in silks, wools and leather.

You’ll notice more Snake, Lizard and Croc effects, as well as Zebra and Tiger stripes, although Leopard print remains the most popular.
However you can now find this in a mix of colours – not in natural colours you’d expect to see but it works surprisingly well. Even a tiger stripe sweater in red/black!


Autumn colour and style


Autumn Leather: Real, Faux & Vegan

Leather is BIG this season.
From coats to long jackets, bikers, skirts, trousers and shoes – there’s a leather piece for everyone this Autum!
Even with skirts, there’s the midi pencil, midi A-line and of course the short version of both.


Autumn leather

Autumn Coats & Shoes

When the weather really drops a couple of degrees or more, you’ll notice what’s happening in our favourite world of Winter coats!

And as a cold Winter has been predicted, you’ll love the trend towards cosy oversized coats and heritage prints.

Alongside you’ll find architectural trenches (also in animal print) and roomy Capes making their appearance felt too.

And finally, a hark back to yesteryear (and perhaps another raid of an older family member’s wardrobe), why not try on a pair of square-toed shoes – in a practical and walker-friendly heel size/shape.

CWC style tip: square-toed shoes are often more comfortable than pointy ones.


Autumn colour and style

Invest In A Personalised Capsule Wardrobe For Autumn

Draping a mannequin takes a few minutes.
Clothing a body takes longer.
Styling a person takes time and consideration.

Dressing your personality and lifestyle is what sets CWC apart.

Exclusive and discreet, if you’d like to have a complimentary chat about your wardrobe requirements, simply request your preferred day/time in the attached form.


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