Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

When it comes to romance and especially Valentine’s Day, the poem
Roses are red, Violets are blue springs to mind.

What also springs to mind with the 14th of February is pink champagne,
roses and chocolates. And being wined and dined.

In my youth, we were grateful to receive an unsigned card from an
unknown admirer whereas today it seems we all expect more. A lot more.
Nothing is too extravagant from long weekends away to a proposal.

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is not the most popular day of
the year to propose. According to Chillisauce, who published the results of
The Marriage Proposal Survey  on 23 November 2015, Christmas Eve is the winner.

There are other interesting gems of information in the survey including the fact that men ‘prefer’ to propose
on Christmas Eve but women would actually prefer a ring on their finger, on….Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are expecting a marriage proposal, are cheerfully together with your other half or are a happy
Singleton, going out on Valentine’s Day usually means ‘putting on the romance’.

And this season we’re seeing some of the most gorgeous floral prints just waiting to be worn.
From the fresh and girly to the elegantly chic, from the palest of blush pinks to the brightest of jewel tones.

Putting an outfit together isn’t as always easy as it looks especially if you have limited time to
look online or scour the shops. Let me, Caroline Wolf, founder of Capsule Wardrobe Collection find
you the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day or for another important date.

You can book a whole hour to discuss how you would like to dress and what image you would like
to portray. If you don’t need an hour, that’s fine – I like to give each client an hour so you don’t feel
rushed but can actually think about what you would like to achieve with your appearance.

I work with hundreds of women from all over the world – from working with CEO’s in corporations
to entrepreneurs working from home.

To book a consultation on the phone or Skype, click here.

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Source: The Marriage Proposal Survey, Chillisauce, November 2015

What My Clients Think

“Caroline has the experience and confidence to help me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible”
KT, Director, London
“My experience with Caroline has been nothing short of miraculous
LN, Global Head, London
“Caroline’s skill is in interpreting what I was looking for”
AS, Director, Sydney
“You’ve really understood who I am
EJ, Lawyer, London
“I don’t know how you do it but you are consistently 100% right
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“She is a talented person, who puts you at ease, and really knows her stuff”
FW, Business Owner, Reading
“Caroline is the secret weapon behind my wonderful revamped wardrobe”
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