New Season: Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 2016

It’s the New Season.
Are you ready for a new look?

For many people, September means a fresh start. And it also means a new season in the fashion world.

There are new trends, new styles and new looks. And this September you won’t be disappointed.


CWC highlights the Key Trends of Autumn Winter 2016.

As a Personal Stylist I’ve summarised this season’s colour and style palette with a focus towards the types of clients with whom I work:

a) business women, working full time and part-time
b) women who like to dress well and look polished
Just as with fashion magazines, there will be colours and looks that you love and those that you will profess never to wear. Don’t worry about the detail – aim to get a visual picture of what your Autumn wardrobe may look like.

CWC style tip: Never wear a look that you feel uncomfortable with, because it will show in your body language.



#1. It’s a Colour-Fest

Bold, opulent and what I call ‘proper’ colours –  as well as stunning seasonal hues.  Forget colour swatches, which can be flat at the best times and enjoy the clothing I’ve chosen to illustrate my points.

Brown is back
And in all its glory from shiny copper and rich mahogany to spicy tobacco, hazelnut and velvety chocolate. Choose your brown carefully; it can be stunning but not all browns are for everyone.
Camel and caramel can be draining to wear but when combined correctly, they can look incredible.

new-season-browns featured on Capsule Wardrobe Collection
New Season Autumn Browns for 2016


Reds are robust
From fiery chilli and warm persimmon to vivid fuchsia and intoxicating burgundy, wine and aubergine red.

new-season-reds-at Capsule Wardrobe Collection
New season Autumn Reds for 2016



Blues are feminine.
Quietly confident and very wearable this season with subtle variations between sky and steel blues to ocean, petrol and teal.

New Season Autumn Blues for 2016


Greens are individual.
Green is not everyone’s favourite colour but green can be a good frame for other colours and can be used to great advantage in a pattern. Look out for deep forest green plus pine, juniper, olive and pea greens.

New Season Autumn Greens for 2016


CWC style tip: With the ‘brights’ trend going on too, use these pieces sparingly to add a spark to a neutral or low tempo outfit. Too much bright can be too much of a good thing: You will look brash.


This season’s Neutral colours.
Yes black is there – it’s always there but why not consider the alternatives first, this season?
Charcoal, Midnight Navy and Pine Green.


#2.  Fabrics, Textures & Prints 

Fabrics in one word: Luxe. From metallic jacquards to intricate tweeds.
Textures in one word: Luxe. From slippy satin to soft velvet.
Prints: in three words: Tweeds, Checks and Animal prints.

Personally, tweeds and animal prints can look absolutely stunning; it’s how you wear them that makes the difference between ‘Oh Wow’ and ‘Uh Oh’.

CWC Style Tip: If you like a trend but don’t want to fully embrace it, wear it in an accessory. 


new-seasons-fabrics-textures as chosen by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist of Capsule Wardrobe Collection
New Season Autumn Textures & Prints


Fabrics / yarns
Look out for: shearling (and faux), alpaca, cashmere, silk, georgette, satin, jacquards and velvets – in all its forms including washed velvet and crushed velvet.
Lace, lamé and taffeta – and I expect them to increase pre-Christmas.
CWC style tip: Use shine and sparkle subtly. It’s fine to create an impact but you want to avoid a look-at-me effect.


#3. The New Midi 

Just below the knee or the longer midi length is going to be the most elegant look for work.

New Season Business Smart Midi Length by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist, Capsule Wardrobe Collection
The New Season – Autumn Midi Lengths




#1. Ruffle Your Feathers
Ruffles are everywhere – on tops, blouses, knitwear and dresses. You don’t need ruffles on everything!
Just nod to this trend with one or two pieces such as a dress or a blouse.

New Season ruffles on all clothing - seen by Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Ruffles, Ruffles, Everywhere


#2. Athleisure

The Olympics have certainly helped (congratulations to Team GB) but this trend has been developing for a while. Essentially athleisure is ‘dressed up sportswear’. It’s when sports clothes particularly yoga wear, leggings and hoodies become everyday casual wear.  Wear with caution! It has its place but it’s not for Business women and not for Dress Down Friday except perhaps in the most relaxed of offices.



#3. The Sweater Dress

In maxi, midi and mini versions. Look out for solid colour or stripes.
They will often double up to wear over trousers too. Personally, the midi length is on-trend and is the most flattering and wearable. These are fabulously easy weekend and off-duty pieces and may work for some offices for Dress Down days or after work drinks.


New Season Sweater dresses chosen by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist of Capsule Wardrobe Collectionsweater-dresses

CWC style tip: There’s no need to be afraid of stripes. Womanly curves are fantastic but I advise smoothing shapewear or hosiery underneath.



Or wear with extreme caution. You don’t have to embrace every trend.

#1. The Pyjama Look

I can’t take anyone seriously in business if they’re dressed for bed!
Kate Garraway sent Twitter into a frenzy with some interesting comments when she wore her new Pyjama style blouse last week on yesterday on Good Morning Britain, ITV.


#2. The Military Look

Admittedly I’m partial to a faux fur lined parka or one of these season’s shiny bombers, but that’s as far as I’d recommend. There are some looks that don’t work in the city, country or sea-side and both Military and Safari fall into the No-No camp.


#3. The Over-Sized Sleeve or Jacket

Yes, over-sized knits may sound very cosy on a cold Winter’s day but in reality extra long sleeves will annoy you after a while as will wearing clothes several sizes too big.  And you’ll diminish yourself.
Need I say more?




CWC style tip: to avoid colour and style mistakes, use a professional personal stylist – who advises and dresses women every day.


If you’ve never tried a capsule wardrobe before,  it’s the best way to create new season and Signature looks without breaking the bank. Because every capsule wardrobe is created around You and Your lifestyle.  You’ll be able to present a pulled together and polished look, whatever your schedule. And to the envy of your friends!


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To find out more or to order your Autumn capsule, just get in touch with your details and we can  discuss your wardrobe requirements.

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