Is your underwear sabotaging your capsule wardrobe?



The right underwear is a confidence booster and both belong in your capsule wardrobe.

It’s the little things that matter
 Just because your underwear is hidden beneath your exterior packaging, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a part of your image.
It is. It’s integral to your brand personality.

If it’s the little things that matter, then wearing the right underwear matters. Foundation wear may be an
old-fashioned term but its meaning is clear: laying the right foundation is key to the success of what goes on top of it.

Wearing the right ‘foundation’ smooths and supports the body, and helps your clothes to hang properly.
As an added benefit, you get to enjoy a boost of confidence.

Lingerie belongs in your capsule wardrobe too
There’s little point in having a wardrobe of inter-changeable clothes to suit your lifestyle with underwear that’s doing its best
to sabotage many of your looks.

Badly-fitting underwear will not let you feel self-assured and confident. If your lingerie isn’t helping to display your figure as
you would like, it’s probably time to review your collection of underwear and then re-new and up-grade accordingly.

These days there’s a choice of lingerie to complement the busiest of lifestyles.
From daywear to evening, from sports to shape wear and from maternity to post-surgery.
And wearing the correct size of bra is not only more comfortable but it improves your posture.
You’ll be surprised by your added self-assurance. 

Boost your confidence, not reduce it.
Before any important event, whether attending a board meeting or going to a large social gathering, self-preparation is vital.
From what you are going to say to what you are going to wear.
And that includes the little things: from your nails to your hosiery to your underwear.
Don’t wear second-best because you’ll feel second-best. Wear the best and you’ll feel the best. Try it.

“Always wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident”
The old adage above is as valid today as it always was. Wearing underwear that looks good makes you feel good.
It’s about retaining your dignity and self-esteem. It’s also about confidence, which for many women is such a precious asset.
Why allow something as small as your underwear to chip away at this treasured resource?

It’s time for a lingerie Spring clean.
To help you get started,  see our simple 8-point Lingerie Review Guide below.
The trick is to be ruthless. If it doesn’t fit properly, it doesn’t belong in your underwear drawer.
Similarly if you haven’t worn a piece in the last year – that allows special items for annual holidays –
pass it on or ditch it.

Lingerie Review Guide

You don’t have to buy everything matching but choose a bra with a complimentary brief.

1. The essentials
3 pairs of nude bra/brief sets.
Perfect for wearing under any light coloured or 
ivory/white tops.
Include one moulded bra for tighter fitting tops (no bumps or seams)

2. Evening/special occasion

2 pairs of coloured bra/brief sets.
For evenings out and wearing under darker tops, cocktail dresses and 
your LBD’s.
Choose colours such as cocoa, bordeaux and black for glamour and sophistication.

3. Sports underwear
1-2 sets.Try to wear a proper sports bra no matter what your size is.

4. Multi-way

1-2 multi-way/strapless bras.
Perfect for strapless tops, dresses and on holiday.

5. Shapewear
Only keep the pieces that are comfortable and you regularly wear!
With correctly fitting lingerie, you may find you don’t need to wear Shapewear so often.
Some tights also have a built-in shapewear section as an alternative.

6. Thongs & Seamless briefs
Love them of hate them. They’re good for no VPL and under sportswear/hosiery.

7. Maternity, Nursing and post-surgery bras
Keep what you need. Pass on any pieces you no longer wear.

8.  Slips, bodies and camisoles
Useful pieces to cover and allow the clothes to glide rather than ‘cling’.
Keep what you wear.

If you would like advice in choosing lingerie, get in touch.

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