If What You Wear Isn’t Important, Why Do The G7 Wives Dress As If It Is?

What you wear is important

Because The G7 Wives Know What You Wear And The Message You Send Out IS Important.

These powerful women knew that Who-Wore-What-And-By-Whom would feature almost as highly as the political agenda.

Even if you were following the politics, it was hard to ignore the fashion parade, which gave more than a glimpse of power-dressing.

How To Succeed In Power Dressing

Powerful women are brave.
They make fearless decisions.

And they are not afraid to invest in their Personal brand, allowing them to feel totally at ease in making a fashion-forward statement.

It keeps them original, modern and importantly, influential.

CWC style tip: proudly showcase your personal style especially in traditional male-dominated business gatherings.


What you wear is important

Dress, Hugo Boss
Mini tote, Christian Louboutin
Red heels, Christian Louboutin


Be A Powerhouse Of Authority

It doesn’t pay to underestimate the authority of a strong visual identity.

In a photo call, you definitely want to be seen.
Not in a decorative or shouty manner but in a purposeful and poised way.

What you wear is important.
It’s not trivial, because what you wear speaks volumes about you.
You want your personal brand to be strong, consistent and fitting.

CWC style tip: add an on-point fashion twist with metallic heels.


What you wear is important

Checked blazer, Alexander McQueen
Checked skirt, Alexander McQueen
Metallic heels, Jimmy Choo
Cross-body bag, Valextra


Step-up Your Confidence

To carry off power and presence, an air of confidence is a must.

Your work wardrobe is a far-reaching business tool.
It highlights who You are, your position and what you do.

Power dressing isn’t about dressing like someone else.
It’s grandstanding your own brand.

CWC style tip: try new prints and modern takes on fashion classics.  These work especially well in business-related but off-duty settings.

What you wear is important

Pre-Autumn Winter floral midi, Erdem
New season top handle bag, Valextra
New season square-toed pumps, Gianvito Rossi
Snake print dress, Alice + Olivia
Metallic heels, Jimmy Choo


Perfect Fit Is A Must.

Bespoke clothing is of course created to fit you exactly.
There are equally exceptional designer and off-the-rail outfits not be passed up on.

Whatever you choose to represent your brand, it must look and fit impeccably.
Allow time for any alterations.
Fiddling with your clothes, whether closing a gap between buttons or pulling down a rising hem are no-no’s.

Most agendas are jam-packed with 18-hour days.
You could be sitting or standing for long periods.
Or have to be outside in the wind or rain.

There are usually cameras or conference photo-calls.
You could also be photographed sitting down.

CWC style tip: self-preparation is crucial to ensure perfect fit and comfort.

What you wear is important

Gold stripe tweed dress, Lalage Beaumont
Gold stripe tweed jacket, Lalage Beaumont
Mini tote, Christian Louboutin
New season square-toed pumps, Gianvito Rossi


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