How To Put Together Your Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

If ‘a picture paints a thousand words’,
this one conveys a glorious Sun Holiday.

And dare I ask if you’ve assembled your Sun Holiday capsule wardrobe yet?

How you look on holiday is as important as how you look anywhere else.

Yes it goes without saying that you can be more relaxed and even more colourful but there’s no need to let your standards slip just because ‘I’m on holiday’.


6 Points To Consider For A Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

There are 6 points to consider, when it comes to Sun Holiday clothing:

1. Where is your vacation destination?
2. Which ‘natural colours’ can be seen there?
3. What is your accommodation: Resort, Private villa, Air BnB or on a Boat?
4. What type of clothes are typically worn there, by locals and visitors?
5. Choose natural fabrics as much as possible.
6. Refresh your holiday wardrobe periodically to look up-to-date and for a tasteful fit.


As examples: a British seaside holiday will typically offer you some hot days, some mixed days and even a rainy day! The natural daylight is less harsh than hot climates hence you can get away with ‘softer and darker’ colours. A typical navy and white capsule works fine pepped up with this Summer’s trend colours of Fiesta red, Turmeric and Princess Blue.

Navy in the Mediterranean and Tropics (sailors exempt) can look a little heavy-handed and dare I say, a touch prosaic. The natural light is ‘brighter and sharper’ allowing you to go for zingy citrus tones, crisp azure blues – even corals and earthy olive tones – those that ‘match’ the environment.

If you’re fair-skinned, you may have to be patient in welcoming a tan to pull off those gorgeous shades – but it will be worth the wait.
(And if you can’t wait, there are plenty of tans-in-a-bottle to help you out.
My favourite this year is the Isle of Paradise range).

CWC style tip: Think Destination. And then put your capsule together.


14-Day Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve taken the base colours of Hibiscus, Jungle Greens and Tangy Tangerine.
To support these I’ve added white and finished with straw accessories.

Perhaps to your delight I’ve stayed with cotton-based fabrics and avoided linen.
You’ve got it: who wants to iron on holiday?!


Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Your 2-week capsule wardrobe comprises
12 pieces plus accessories.

From this you’ll have:

14 x daywear outfits
6 swimwear options
6 evening/going out options


12-Piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe + Accessories


14 piece Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe


How To Create Your Outfits

Travel days

It’s an idea to travel with layers so that you can cover up in cool temperatures or air-conditioning. When you arrive into warmer climes, you can peel off your top layer.
Keep footwear simple – bear in mind your feet may swell on long journeys.


Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe: Travel Day

Off-white organic cotton denim jacket, Arket
Zingy green rayon dress, Faithfull The Brand at net-a-porter
Plimsolls, Jigsaw
Beaded shopper, Jigsaw
Straw stetson, Accessorize


Sun Holiday Daywear

Mix around the accessories to create your looks.
You can even use swimwear as tops.


Sun Holiday Capsule Wardrobe Daywear

Key pieces

Breezy cotton white/green sundress, Velvet by Graham & Spencer
Tangerine slubbed cotton mini-dress with belt, Rhode
Strapless white mini dress, Melissa Odabash
Mango orange swimsuit, Hobbs
Hibiscus red shorts, Betty Barclay
Mango striped T-shirt, Hobbs
Dark green flip-flops, Havianas
Orange Avarca sandals, Arket
Circular staw tassel bag, John Lewis

Sun Holiday Beachwear

Whether you prefer a pareo, strapless mini or more coverage.
Below you’ll see 3 ideas of wraps, which all work with the both a bikini or costume.
You don’t need 3 beach wraps, just pick the one(s) that you like.


Sun Holiday capsule wardrobe beachwear

Mango orange swimsuit, Hobbs
Green halter neck bikini, Heidi Klein
Green Bali leaf control swimsuit, John Lewis
Pareo, Melissa Odabash
Strapless white mini dress, Melissa Odabash
White beach wrap dress, Melissa Odabash


Sun Holiday Going Out/Evening

Time to glam up yet still stay comfortable in gorgeous one-piece outfits.


Sun Holiday capsule wardrobe

Floral print voile dress, J. Crew
Zingy green rayon dress, Faithfull The Brand at net-a-porter
Orange gingham maxi dress, Kitri
Wedges, Castañer at net-a-porter


Travel Light

By taking an edited Sun Holiday capsule wardrobe with you, you can get away with carry-on luggage.
And if not, you’ll still room some holiday souvenirs in a standard size suitcase.

CWC style tip: Don’t let your suitcase show you up! It should be as chic as you are.


Need Any Help?

If you’re feeling that your holiday clothes aren’t up to scratch, get in touch.
We’d love to help and put together a capsule that matches your lifestyle and leaves you feeling happy to be going on holiday.

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