How To Pull Off Business Style When Temperatures Are Sizzling

It’s Harder To Maintain A Chic Business Style In Soaring Temperatures.

Yes it’s another heatwave and if you’re not yet on holiday, it is indeed harder to stay looking cool, calm and collected for business when you feel hot and bothered.

CWC style tip: Keep your business look respectable for the workplace.


Unless You’re On Vacation, Business Style Standards Still Apply.

For city dressing in a heatwave, the phrase ‘less is not more’ stands the test of business appropriateness.

Opt for more coverage and avoid under-dressing. This means either showing arms, or legs but not both!

To stay Business smart, aim to cover your shoulders and keep hem lengths to the knee.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear a Business casual style and you feel confident, you may be able to wear sleeveless pieces, tailored shorts and even a higher hemline.


The First Word Of ‘Business Casual’ Is Business.

You’ll find a little D & D (dignity and decorum) will go a long way.

And it’s worth taking note, because people will remember your business style mistakes. A too casual an appearance could impact your next step up the ladder.

Check your appearance before you leave home:
‘Is your appearance going to portray the business image you would like it to?
‘What interpretation will clients and colleagues make of your heatwave business style?’

CWC style tip: in a heatwave dresses rather than separates allow more air flow around the body.

Once you’re hot, you’ll find a skirt or trouser waistband can make you feel uncomfortable.

Form-fitting and structured silhouettes are difficult to pull off in high temperatures, as you’ll find some fabrics will tend to ‘stick’ to your skin.

Remember to keep a lightweight blazer or knit to hand for those times when you’re in bone-chilling air-conditioning.


Heatwave Dressing

Below you’ll find 3 Summer-weight business style dresses as well as 3 dresses for after-work celebrations and off-duty occasions.

Business style heatwave dresses


Floral cluster print dress, Ghost
Printed satin dress, Finery London
Floral print midi dress, Faithfull The Brand


Business After-Work & Off-Duty Heatwave Dressing

For business style after-work events and for off-duty dressing, you can push the boat out.
Having said that, if the occasion is still business-related, err on the side of diplomacy.


Business style after-work dresses

Ruffled crepe de chine dress, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini
Silk midi dress, DVF
Floral cady dress, Peter Pilotto


Business Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you prefer Business Smart or Business Casual or outfits for working from home, if you are interested in a personalised capsule wardrobe for Autumn, it’s easy to get in touch.


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