How to look stylish on Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night

Aside from dressing up in fancy dress, most of us still want to look stylish on predictably cold or wet evenings
outside in the Autumn. And we’ve 2 outdoor evenings coming up: Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night.

Yes you could go wrapped up in a duvet coat – or you could wear the less bulky but oh-so toasty warm quilted
jackets of today.

Every capsule wardrobe needs to also have some seriously on-trend and stylish pieces for off-duty and family
days and outdoor events.

Capsule Wardrobe Collection Halloween and Bonfire night outfits


Why ruin your reputation for looking stylish and being the epitome of relaxed elegance by wearing a pair of old jeans
and a fleece just because there’s a Fireworks party?

Whenever you are out, day or night, your Personal brand is on show. And it’s Murphy’s Law that you’ll bump into someone
you want to impress when you’re not looking stylish. Instead, you’ll look like someone who doesn’t care about their appearance.
Off-duty might mean not-at-work but it doesn’t mean you won’t be seen or noticed by someone who’s connected to you in the
business world.

Working with a professional stylist isn’t only for business and for when you’re on-duty. Caroline works with many women on
their ‘other’ capsule wardrobe requirements too  – from sports wardrobes to holiday capsules and more.

To look stylish and feel good every day, whatever you’re doing, arrange your Lifestyle Consultation by giving Caroline by clicking here.


Outfits shown above

From left to right:
Outfit 1: City 
Indigo denims, James Jeans; Pumpkin & Navy roll neck sweater, Hobbs;
Quilted jacket, Armani jeans;  2-tone ankle boots, Hobbs

Outfit 2: Outdoor chic
Houndstooth jersey skirt, Baukjen; Orange spice cashmere knit, Pure Collection;
Flame wool coat, Baukjen; Black tights, Marks & Spencer; Block heel boots, Ugg; Burnt orange fedora, Village Hats

Outfit 3: Country
Black skinny jeans, NYDJ; Pebble alpaca sweater, Ally Bee; Wax jacket, Barbour;
Sesame cashmere houndstooth scarf, Pure Collection;  Furlined boots, Hobbs;
Winter white bobble hat, Village hats

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