Stamp Your Personal Style Onto A Christmas Capsule Wardrobe.


It’s easy to forget Personal Style when it comes to your Christmas wardrobe and festive outfits.

After many months of honing your Personal Brand, all can be lost if you follow the herd when it comes to celebratory dressing at this time of year. Many women simply succumb to the LBD (little black dress) or opt for one in Christmas red or burgundy.

Yes it’s tempting to copy everyone else.
You might want to throw on more sparkly accessessories to ensure that YOU are seen.

Will you really make an impact and stand out in the crowd, if you wear what others are also wearing?

Continue to showcase your own Personal Style in your Christmas wardrobe.
There’s no need to copy anyone else.
After all, if you don’t want to be Brand You, who else do you want to be?

Let’s look at a couple of alternatives to the LBD or the Christmas red dress:


The Christmas Tux


Tuxedo style for women on our Christmas capsule wardrobe blog, Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Tuxedo-style for women

One alternative this year is the women’s tux.
Based on the men’s tuxedo, there’s now tuxedo-style dressing for women.
You’ll find sharply tailored jackets and slim-fit trousers with satin details.
The look is typically streamlined to exude after-dark elegance.

If you can pull it off, it can look ultra sophisticated.
On the other hand, it can look uber severe.
With highly defined make-up and a red lip, the look can be extreme.
It gives an aura of haughty grandeur. And a hint of belligerence.


CWC style tip: a tailored tuxedo jacket and sleek pant will not flatter every woman’s figure.


Striking Separates

Another alternative is to wear stylish separates.
You can still look festive without being shouty.

Instead of going for the overstatement, choose the more subtle understatement.

Sometimes less is more.
A little refinement adds finesse as well as being in vogue.

In place of high glamour and full-on embellishment, opt for a little more restraint.
Select decorative accessories carefully.
You might not need any, especially if some pieces already sport extra detailing.


CWC style tip: Avoid an overkill of sparkle. You don’t want to look like a Christmas decoration.


How to exude Personal Style with a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe


Christmas Capsule Wardrobe 2016 curated by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist of Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Christmas Capsule Wardrobe


This Christmas Capsule Wardrobe featuring luxe separates will see you over a festive weekend without wearing the same outfit twice.
That’s the joy and practicality of a capsule wardrobe: each piece works with another piece, creating multiple outfits.



ADay and Evening outfits can be created from the 11 piece Christmas Capsule Wardrobe curated by Caroline Wolf of Capsule Wardrobe Collection

A choice of both Day and Evening outfits can be created.


Individual pieces
A black faux fur gilet, a pleated lamé skirt, a cashmere sweater, high-waisted tapered black trousers, a polka dot flocked shirt, a silk camisole, skinny black leather trousers, an ivory silk blouse, an embellished top plus accessories.


Christmas Capsule Wardrobe

The easy way to showcase your Personal Style over the holiday period is to order a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe.  All capsule wardrobes are created individually – to work with your lifestyle – and of course your physique.

Simply get in touch and let’s get started.
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