Executive style: How to dress your Personal brand

Executive style

Dressing for who we are and what we do encompasses our personal brand.

We feel at our very best when there is alignment between our inner feelings and outward image.

It’s when we feel confident on the inside, that we exude poise and self-assurance on the outside.

It’s about presenting ourselves with intention. With impact. With a positive attitude. With enthusiasm and energy. And our own unique executive style.

I’m often asked if it is easy to style someone? The short answer is Yes.
Yes, it is easy to dress someone, male or female. Based on their physique.

However, I would only be re-packaging the exterior of that person.

What is much more difficult is to dress a personality. Your brand personality.

It means understanding who you are and what makes you tick. Your passions and your purpose.
It’s about appreciating your lifestyle and being cognisant of your life or career aspirations. It’s about defining your executive style.

Because what you wear expresses Brand You.
Your outfits represent Brand You. Your looks say something about Brand You.
Your clothes say more about you than you do.  And they talk first about you.
Before you have had a chance to introduce yourself.

Dressing a brand personality takes an integrated approach to personal presentation.
It’s having a real understanding of who you are and choosing colours, styles and shapes that will complement your personality and lifestyle.

I always look to build a visual image that combines the inner and outer self, creating harmony between the two.
Through this we balance how you want to feel on the inside with what you wish to portray on the outside.

The end effect is to balance the visual and behaviour statement you reveal to others. And that it
matches and augments who you are – from the inside to the outside.

That’s why no two outfits or capsule wardrobes are the same. Each one is unique. Just like your personality.

Executive style means personalised style. 

Whether we are creating a single outfit or a business capsule wardrobe,
we are focused on your personality and what makes up Brand You.

Dressing for the person you want to be and having an active interest in your appearance is not vain.

Image is not a fluffy subject. On the contrary it is hugely important.
Presenting yourself with corporate impact, with intention and a confident attitude leads the way to success.

To discover more about our 3-month executive style and personal branding programme, please
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