Every capsule wardrobe needs Weekend Chic

With corporate dressing you know you have to look business smart from Monday to Thursday and possibly Fridays.
But come the weekend and your personal style goes to pot! Every capsule wardrobe needs Weekend Chic.

I frequently hear ‘I just can’t do Weekend Chic’ and too often the adjectives such as Boring, Styleless, Messy, Just Jeans and
Not Pulled Together raise their ugly heads.

This week’s blog shows you how easy to ease to wear a Knitted dress for Dress Down days and Weekends. It’s easy elegantly
relaxed dressing.

Many women are hesitant to wear a knitted dress. The negatives are actually fear factors, namely you don’t want:

– to look several pounds heavier
– to look frumpy
– to look like a kiwi (dumpy with no shape)
– to wear a knit that sheds fluff or pills (makes little balls of fluff on its surface)

The best news? You don’t have to! Like most things to do with dressing and style, it’s all about your shape, the yarn (or fabric) content,
the structure and shape of the garment , its appropriateness for your figure and how you wear it. The beauty of knitwear is that it suits
the female body well as it follows our curves. It doesn’t have to ‘stretch’ across the bust like an awkward cotton blouse!

A knitted dress fits into any self-respecting weekend capsule wardrobe! And especially if you yearn for some Weekend Chic.
Yes some wools will shed fluff or pill just as some linens will crease. Thankfully though today many garments are made with ‘blends’
where the core yarn or cloth is blended with another and the result alleviates the negatives.

My best advice naturally has to be to work with a professional stylist such as myself in order to find the right item for your colouring,
your shape and your personality making up Brand You.

CWC style tip: It’s easy to dress a body but it takes experience, skill and talent to dress a personality. 

Below are eight pieces of blended knitwear in a variety of shapes and prices range from premium to value.



CWC style tip: It’s how you accessorise a piece that ensures your finished look.

With knitwear the key is dressing the garment up or keeping it low key. As a rough guide, keep it easy and slouchy with flats (loafers or boots)
and add a sheerer tight or heeled boots or suede shoes by heels by night.

Below you’ll see how we’ve turned these dresses into Weekend Chic. It means you can be ready in a couple of minutes for relaxed entertaining
and going out. And best of all, you’ll be warm!

CWC style tip: Consider Shapewear tights/leggings if you want a boost of confidence or to show a svelte silhouette underneath a fitted design. 




If you would like help in defining your Style personality and up-grading your Weekend Wardrobe, then get in touch with me, Caroline Wolf.
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