Add Vibrancy To Your Business Wear Wardrobe

It’s true that many Winter colours are of deeper colours and hues. Whilst I have no problem with midnight blues, inks,
deepest charcoal and the occasional black, why not wear some of the new season’s intense and brilliant colours right now.
These colours will not only add corporate impact but they’ll also add vibrancy to your business wear wardrobe.

Some of our favourite retailers are already showing the first drop of the new season colours and shapes. And as we battle
dark mornings and dusky late afternoons, there are some gorgeous colours to pave the way. The future is bright.
It’s very bright!

We’re talking fuchsia pink, vivid yellow, vibrant orange, dazzling azure and purple orchid. And it’s not exclusive to Resort or Cruise wear.
It’s featuring in many collections from Separates to Suiting, which means it belongs in any confident business wear wardrobe.

Below we’ve curated an introductory edit of the new pieces.  If you have a penchant for being a trend-setter, love a bit of drama and
‘look-at-me’ style personality or just prefer brighter colours, then you’ll love these pieces.

CWC style edit: When wearing brights, the old phrase ‘less is more’ is advisable.
Your aim is to let your outfit tell a story – so that you look pulled together – not flung together.




Left to right:
Purple orchid tote, LK Bennett; Black & Purple peony dress, Goat;  Fuchsia pink wool dress, Goat;
Azure blue mix tweed jacket, LK Bennett; Black pencil skirt, Hugo Boss; Azure dress, LK Bennett;
Orange shoulder bag, Mark Cross; Purple orchid shoes, LK Bennett; Black colour block crepe dress, Roksanda


If you’d love to wear a bright colour but are unsure if it is the correct colour hue for you, just get in touch.
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