Add red to your business capsule wardrobe

Neutral colours belong in any capsule wardrobe. But it’s a bold red dress that will add
greater corporate impact and gravitas to your business capsule wardrobe.

You can also add red with your accessories but for executive presence, a one-piece bold red
dress is the ultimate power colour.

And red is the colour of the moment – it’s the season’s hottest hue. The Duchess of Cambridge
looked sensational in her red dress at this year’s Wimbledon.

Here are our favourite six red dresses this Summer season. And each one oozes executive style
taking you from desk-to-dinner with ease.


Warm and cool red dresses

Summer trend: the bold red dress in warm, true and cool hues


Let your dress do the talking by day and by night add some tasteful sparkle with these button
stud earrings or statement necklace.


warm and cool red dresses


If you are worried about wearing red, trust me: every woman can wear red. It’s knowing which
one is the ‘correct red’ for your skin undertone so that you wear the colour, and it doesn’t
dominate you.

CWC style tip:
If you have a warm skin undertone, think of strawberries. And yellow-based reds.
If you have a cool skin undertone, think of raspberries. And blue-based reds.
If you have a neutral skin undertone, you can wear any red.
Most skin undertones will suit True reds which have a balance of yellow and blue bases.


Warm and Cool red dresses
Warm and Cool red dresses


How to tell which skin undertone you have?
A warm skin undertone: it will be golden and peachy. You may have freckles and gold flecks in your eyes.
A cool skin undertone: it will be more pink or bluish; you’re unlikely to have freckles.
A neutral skin undertone: it will be neither warm or cool, but a mix.

For more info on which red or which colours will flatter your complexion more than others,
get in touch. Click here for more information on our services


Dresses & Accessories
From left to right:

Short sleeved Bevina dress, Diane von Furstenberg
Short sleeved fit Joelle dress, LK Bennett
Long midi Cayla dress, LK Bennett
Sleeveless Eva dress, Hobbs
Sleeved Camelot dress, The Fold London
Belted sleeveless Amethyst dress, Goat

Black suede Skye courts heels, Hobbs
Patent red Stila heels, LK Bennett

Work totes/shoulder bag
Black Italian leather tote, Paul Smith
Black embossed shoulder bag, Alexander McQueen
Black lizard print leather tote, Aspinall

Button stud earrings, Monica Vinader
Necklace, Swarovski


Picture credit of the Duchess of Cambridge

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