Have you every thought to add green pants to your capsule wardrobe?

There’s going green and all things eco and there’s going green as in wearing green.

When it comes to Eco green: I can’t remember when I last threw away a garment or spare piece of fabric.
There’s nearly always another use for it from passing it on to second-hand and charity shops
to swishing parties where everyone is there to swap clothes to recyling, reclaiming and upcycling.
And I haven’t even mentioned pants!

There’s already enough wastage of fabrics. And in the South of England, there’s a wonderful women’s
co-operative who create amazing pants for women – all from upcycled perfect lace and fabrics.
There’s so much good that these remarkable women do, it’s worth finding out more about them.
And the name of the co-operative will make you think: Who Made Your Pants?

Who made your pants? buy excess or end of season fabrics from big underwear companies and create
gorgeous new pants. What’s more they’re designed to sit flat under clothes, have no VPL and are
comfortable from dawn until dusk.

And even better: they’re fabulous quality with a fabulous price.
With popular colours, it’s easy to match them up with your bras so that if you’re someone who
likes an underwear set, you can still do that.

So next time you go shopping for underwear, have another think: Who Made Your Pants?


Who made your pants at Capsule Wardrobe Collection