Add A Touch More Style To Welcome The End Of Lockdown

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Keep A Step Ahead By Adding A Touch More Style To Your Looks

Now that we can meet up with family and friends again, and slowly but surely colleagues, it’s time to start adding a touch more style to your post lockdown looks.

Yes, you can stay on the more casual side of smart but you’ll find one small step, one single item, will turn your easy look into a style story.

Add A Touch More Style To Casual Wear

After a couple of lockdowns, there’s been a shift from business formal to business casual.
Even to casual.

However you want to look like you’re in ‘business mode’ and not just working in any old outfit.
You don’t want to be seen in a couple of casual items that you found by chance hanging in your wardrobe or over the back of a chair.

A well-made jacket – will elevate your look from accidental to a planned outfit.
From giving you more of a structured silhouette to a neater shoulder line, a blazer looks smart.
It tells a story. It shows you’ve thought about how you look.

A blazer will pull your casual look into a stylish outfit.
Your look no longer looks accidental but planned

CWC Style Tip: add style by including a blazer or jacket to a casual outfit

A blazer adds a touch more style to a casual look

How To Include A Blazer In A 7-piece Post Lockdown Spring Capsule Wardrobe

You’ll see that the individual pieces are fairly casual.
Fabrics include cotton blends, linen mixes and viscose.
Easy Summer weight materials.

My choice of blazer in a fabulous Spring colour is a versatile High Street brand with a tailored shoulder and enough detailing to take it from casual to stylish.

Add a touch of style with this 7 piece Spring capsule wardrobe


Stepping Up The Style Factor

It’s the jacket and accessories that are telling the story and are hiking up the casual pieces
into to a stylish capsule wardrobe.

Adding a touch of style to your post lockdown Spring wardrobe



How to add a touch more style to separates as shown by London Personal Stylist, Caroline Wolf of CWC

Where To Find The Pieces

Blazer, Boden
Green & orange roses dress, Ghost
Burgundy & pink floral print dress, Ganni
Mariner blue full skirt, Boden
Navy & white cotton knit, Brora
Ivory barrel leg pants, Whistles
Ivy multi-stripe T, FatFace
Bag, Luxe Designers (10% off using code: CWC10)
Ecru wedges, Dune
Burnished pink plimsolls, Superga


Need Help In Putting Together Your Own Capsule Wardrobe?

Just get in touch to find out how the process works.
A capsule wardrobe is sustainable style as each piece works with at least one another.
Less clothes, more to wear.

What My Clients Think

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