Business Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Business Travel Capsule Wardrobe


Business travel capsule wardrobe:
7 day trip.


7-piece 7-day business travel capsule wardrobe.
Plus accessories.

When you go on a business trip, you want to be able to pack everything you need into a neat carry-on suitcase, whether you travel
 by car, train or plane.

I’ve curated a week’s early Spring business travel wardrobe from 7 pieces plus simple yet stylish accessories.

As it’s only February I’ve not launched straight into this Spring’s new seasonal colour of  ‘green’ but kept it business modern in black and navy with highlights of pink and cobalt.

You’ll find 1 tailored tweed jacket, 1 skirt, 1 pair of trousers and 3 tops.
I’ve added a dress to take you from day to evening or to wear as an after-work cocktail dress.

The accessories are a pair of contemporary flats and wearable heels plus an orderly tote in which to store your everyday items as well as your laptop.


The 7-piece capsule wardrobe creates 7 outfits


Business travel capsule wardrobe - the outfits


How To Wear This Business Travel Capsule Wardrobe

You could create some 10 outfits but let’s not be picky!

Wear the skirt suit as a suit with the pink tie neck silk top or the cobalt jersey top.
You could even wear the suit with a simple camisole beneath the jacket.

Team the jacket with a pair of black trousers and any of the tops.
You could also team it with a pair of navy trousers.

Put together the skirt or pant with the ivory spot blouse for business casual.

And wear the dress to take you from a business meeting to business drinks
or for an evening off-duty.

All the pieces go with another piece.

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