5 Tips To Safeguard Your Personal Brand At The Office Christmas Party

Yes it’s December and that means The Office Christmas Party.
And it’s time to safeguard your Personal brand.

There seem to be two camps when it comes to the Office party: those who are delighted and consider it ‘another party’
and enjoy everything about it from receiving their invitation to talking about it for weeks afterwards.

And there are others who are dismayed and may even dread it – secretly or otherwise. If you fall into this camp, you
may join in a little pre-party banter but you’re not looking forward to it.

Whatever your position at work and especially if you are in senior management, accepting the invitation is a given.
In other words you will of course attend except under extreme circumstances. So now that you know you are going,
plan it as any strategic presentation. Yes, I’m serious.

Treat the Office Christmas Party as any other important event. Prepare beforehand. Give yourself time for a little
Outcome Focused Thinking: what would be the most successful result of the evening for you? And the best consequence
of it? What action do you need to take to make this outcome happen?

Last year I recommended a 3-step game plan to get you through the evening. Some readers adopted this plan with such
success, they are now confident to work a room whether it be a networking event or business party.

This year, I am offering 5 Tips To Safeguard Your Personal Brand At the Office Christmas Party.

Your Personal brand says everything about you and therefore nothing is more important than safeguarding it. Just as
any brand owner safeguards its brand. Because any damage done to the brand will take a long long time to recover.
And in some notable cases, the brand will not recover. Never risk a blemish on Your brand.

Tip 1.
Make a list of which people you would really like to meet or have a conversation with. It’s a relaxed time for you to mix
with the movers and shakers as well as the key influencers in your organisation. And if there are new introductions to be
made, you’ll want to make a good impression.

Tip 2.
Turn the spotlight on yourself.  Follow the dress code and make an effort as it shows respect to your hosts and colleagues.
Plan what you are going to wear and stay authentic. This is not the time to ruin a reputation you have carefully built up
over time.

By all means, add a little surprise and ‘je ne sais quoi’ but morphing from a classic and conservative dresser into a
Sexy Santa is not recommended!

I always suggest a dress rehearsal at home. That way you ensure you have the right shoes, accessories and hosiery. You
want to look effortlessly chic and stylish from top to toe. If your LBD or cocktail dress is out-of-date or doesn’t fit well,
change it. If you think people won’t notice what 
you’re wearing, you’re wrong. They will. People judge. Show you are in the
know about the current season.

No time to go shopping? Don’t know what to buy? Feel over-whelmed? Get in touch and you can expect a whole new
outfit within 48 hours (UK only).

And remember your outerwear! Wow others with a gorgeous opera coat, faux fur or fur gilet. Again, aim to dazzle instead
of wearing your daily office coat.

Tip 3.
As sensible as it is, try to have a sandwich or filling lunch so that you don’t arrive at the party on an empty stomach.
Keep an eye on the number of drinks you have; it’s easy to lose count if someone else keeps topping up your glass.

Tip 4.
Arrive on time and with a happy smile. Remember you want to be here! Although you have your mental list of people
you’ll be speaking to, try to work the room so that you are seen ‘everywhere’.

Tip 5.
Be true to yourself; focus on your best outcome. And always, always drink responsibly. Above all, enjoy yourself!

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