Personal Coaching

Image and personal coaching

How can personal coaching help you?


How you look is a serious matter.

Follow any election and you’ll see how important it is.
And women can use fashion and style as an asset.

Yet it’s all too easy to make mistakes with your Personal Presentation, which impact on your Personal Brand.

That is why many leading business women and politicians have a secret weapon: their personal stylist and coach.

These women recognise the benefits of working with a professional who will consistently pick out career-appropriate outfits and be on hand to offer support when it comes to a drop in Confidence or Self-belief.


Your professional image is always on show.

Your appearance is intrinsic in your Visual Communication and Personal Brand.

Don’t let a weak Personal Brand stop you from rising to the top.

Or a lack of Executive Style & Presence that means missing out on future opportunities.
All because you didn’t take enough care over how you look.

To take control of Your Personal Brand and Professional Image,  let’s have a confidential chat about Brand You. 


  • 3-month Image Coaching / Personal Branding Programme
  • 3-month Confidence Programme
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