capsule wardrobe accessories

Just as we choose clothes to ‘say something about ourselves’, so the little things, our capsule wardrobe accessories, also say something.

Overlooking the little things can certainly dent your Brand image. Simply put, the way you accessorise your capsule wardrobe can make or break your look. And if your accessories break it, it challenges your authenticity.

Harsh words indeed, but it’s all about perception. The reality is, that it’s the little things that can raise the bar,
up-grade your overall appearance and elevate your position. Instantly.

What are the little things in your capsule wardrobe?
From your handbag to your shoes, your capsule wardrobe accessories are the smaller items that are nonetheless integral to your brand personality. They are those items that you wear or use almost every day: your watch, your pen, your jewellery, even your umbrella.

Accessories are as central and intrinsic to you as your hairstyle. Accessories magnify who you are –
they can express the hidden, the theatrical, the special and they can ‘say’ more about the uniqueness of you
– your brand personality, than any business suit can.

Carefully chosen capsule wardrobe accessories can turn the everyday into the special.
It’s often the accessories can pull a disparate collection of garments into an outfit – a look that tells a story.
Your accessories have equal importance in your capsule wardrobe as does the star item.
In fact, sometimes a stunning accessory is the star of the show!

Colours & Killers
Seasonal accessories are one thing. Those little things you use or wear almost every day are something else.
They can be investment pieces but they don’t need to be expensive. The key is that they look quietly impressive;
understated, not shouty. Choose nude or classic neutrals. If you prefer a colour, opt for the classics such as
burgundy or blood red.

Killers are gaudy or high fashion items that stand out for all the wrong reasons. Killers are dropped hems,
snagged tights, scuffed shoes, worn heels and chipped nail polish. Killers are scarves that fit better with
weekend casual wear than with business smart. Killers can be the belts and buttons that come with the garment.
Beware! Extras such as these are where manufacturers can save money in production. If necessary, up-grade them.

The little things always have something to say.
Plain or decorative, statement or minimal, neutral or colourful, include accessories in your daily dressing routine.
Pause for a minute and ask yourself if they will reinforce your personal brand. It is the little things that count.

For more help accessorising or if you want to up-grade the little things for your capsule wardrobe, get in touch
or call Caroline on +44 (0)20 3637 2433.

Selected items

Beige shoes by LK Bennett
Beige handbag by LK Bennett
Knot earrings by Tiffany
Dome watch by Tiffany
Watch by Kate Spade
Ivory pen by Mont Blanc
Sunglasses by Garrett Leight
Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples
Wallet by Milli Millu
Silk scarf by Rohka
Nail polish by Chanel
Striped umbrella by Fulton