Once we’re into the final fortnight before the big day, Business formal wear tends to relax.
Even in the most corporate of organisations, Christmas trees and decorations appear and the
general demeanour becomes more easy-going and festive.

In the same vein office attire also becomes more relaxed and typically it’s Business Casual attire
at work pre-Christmas.

Just as we can be suddenly invited to share in a celebration or there’s a spontaneous Christmas drinks party,
it makes sense to be dressed Business Casual but with the possibility adding a touch of festive style yourself.
Keep colours to a Winter palette but switch from black, navy and charcoal to the rich hues of burgundy and claret.

Business Casual Dressing Pre-Christmas


Wear this 2-piece skirt suit for business meetings and then exchange the jacket to a cocktail top that meets
the Christmas spirit for festivities and drinks post work.

You can also break up the suit and team it black tuxedo pants to ring the changes and add a dash more attitude.


Business casual trousers, The Fold and Capsule Wardrobe Collection



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It might just be the best Christmas present you receive!