When it comes to a business capsule wardrobe, think wider than the usual neutral colours.
Fern & Mint make a fabulous combination with the dark green acting as your neutral base.

Below is a 5-day business capsule wardrobe. Perfect for a quick business trip abroad.
It will all pack into a lightweight carry-on case making travel almost stress-free.


CWC business capsule wardrobe















Of course you could take another pair of shoes and add some jewellery but CWC Style is an understated look.
And for a business capsule wardrobe that can also be used for travel, the less-is-more approach is perfect.
There is plenty going on already: a skirt suit in a chic Prince of Wales check with a fresh cameo green
running through it; a beautiful grey/green patterned silk scarf and a 2-colour/fabric tote.

Having a mini business capsule wardrobe ready to wear and take away with you requires a little planning.
How long does it take you to buy clothes? And how about to create a week’s worth of outfits?
If you calculate the time you spend doing that into your charge-out cost, I dare say it would cost a pretty penny.
And you’d probably prefer to be doing something else than slogging round a shopping centre anyway.

By using a professional stylist, we can save you TIME so that you can focus on what’s important to you.
And you’ll always have a collection of clothes to take away when required.
To set up a Skype call to discuss your wardrobe, click here.

The 5-day mini business capsule wardrobe illustrated here:

CWC Day 1
















CWC Day 2

















CWC Day 3















CWC Day 4
















CWC Day 5















Items shown

Fern Venus dress, Goat
Prince of Wales jacket, Hobbs
Prince of Wales skirt, Hobbs
Green trench, Ted Baker
Cowl neck top, Hobbs
Mint frill neck top, Ted Baker
Dark green and pony tote, Ted Baker
Black heels, Hobbs
Lizard print silk scarf, DKNY
Black padded shoulder bag, DKNY